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After a bit of loafing around this morning, we set out in the car once more to check out our final museum destination, the Bishop.  The main exhibit at this museum covers Hawaiian history from the time of the first Tahitian settlers up through the early 20th century.  There wasn’t a lot of post-war information, but they had a lot of ancient artifacts.  It’s amazing the tools people can make from wood and stone.  Also, looking at the deity carvings gave me the impression that these were fearsome people.  The Bishop Museum is definitely worth a visit if you have any interest in traditional Hawaiian culture.

In addition to the educational historical stuff, this museum also currently has dinosaurs.  Moreover, they’re animatronnic dinosaurs that roar.  It almost seems as if nothing else needs to be said.  Dinosaurs.  Cool.  There’s also a science adventure building that has a bunch of interactive exhibits mostly about volcanoes.  It’s pretty awesome.  We had lots of fun making volcanoes erupt and observing ocean weather patterns.  If you have kids, check this out for sure.  It was a lot of fun.

After the museum, we visited the Byodo In Temple.  You may be asking yourself, “Didn’t you just live in an Asian country for two years?  Why on Earth would you want to see yet another Buddhist temple?”  Well, because this Buddhist temple is especially beautiful.  It’s surrounded by beautiful gardens and koi ponds complete with enormous fish and black swans.  Signs say there are wild peacocks on the grounds, but we didn’t see any today.  There’s also a huge bell that you can ring before entering the temple.  This temple was beautiful in its simplicity.  It definitely encouraged serenity.

We ended the day by eating dinner at Jose’s.  This is a Mexican restaurant in a neighborhood near our apartment.  The salsa was spicy, and the food was yummy and filling.  The ingredients seemed fresh.  I’d definitely consider going back there, but not regularly, as it’s a bit on the expensive side, to me at least.

Geoff’s back to work tomorrow, and I have to say, I’ll miss him.  My goal is to get the last of the furniture we need for our apartment before my dad takes the rental car back on Wednesday.  It’s been a very busy weekend.  I’m worn out.


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