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Thursday Emily had an all day play date.  What?  In Hawaii?  Why, yes.  One of her friends from New York was visiting her uncle here on Oahu, and they were coming in to Waikiki for the day.  So Emily arranged to meet up with her friend Gracie.  She was thrilled to see her pal, and they immediately started talking at a mind boggling speed as soon as they saw each other.  This continued for almost the entire time I was with them.

As you might imagine, hanging out with complete strangers all day was not exactly my favorite choice of activities.  I am a bit of an introvert and not very good at making small talk.  I’d rather just be quiet unless there is something really important to say.  Gracie’s family were perfectly lovely people.  They were very friendly and kind, but I couldn’t help feeling a bit uncomfortable.

I also didn’t have my swimsuit, so when they hit the beach, I kept an eye on their stuff for a bit while everyone went for a canoe ride, and then I made my escape by saying I had to go to the grocery store before Geoff got home from work, which was perfectly true.  They were on vacation.  They had all the time in the world.  But I had a house full of people to feed, so I left Emily to play with her friend and headed home to make cowboy spaghetti.

I was so glad that Emily had a chance to do some kid stuff with one of her friends for a day.  She is much too sweet to ever say that she’s bored being stuck with us grown ups all the time, but I’m sure she had a great time.  And hopefully she’ll be able to make some friends here in the area so that she can have people to hang out with while she’s here.  She insists I’m a super cool mom, but she still needs to interact with her peers.  No mom is cool enough to replace friends.


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