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From Here to Eternity

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Friday was action packed.  We drove all about the island visiting various lookout points.  Our first stop was the at the Halona blow hole.  It wasn’t really blowing that day, so lacked some excitement.  But we hiked down the the neighboring beach cove for a swim amongst the rocks.  This is apparently the beach where the filmed that famous love scene in From Here to Eternity.  There’s also a clip of that scene at the beginning of Grease.  Yeah, that one.  I was there.

After this, we continued our drive around the island to Waimanalo where we stopped to visit Auntie Bertha.  She’s my great grandmother’s brother’s wife.  She was extremely sweet and kept trying to give us food and soda.  She talked about her arthritis and crocheting and other old lady stuff.  You could tell she was happy to have visitors.  I gave her my address and phone number, so we might get invited to a family gathering sometime soon.

We made a few more scenic stops along the way, though my camera battery died before I could take too many more photos.  One place I didn’t get any shots of was the lookout along the Pali Highway.  It was rainy and windy up there, but the views were spectacular.  There were also a bunch of chickens running around, which I loved.  I wanted to chickennap one and take it home to lay eggs in my backyard, but I restrained myself.

We ended the night by heading down to the beach for the Friday night fireworks.  We made it on foot just in time to see the show.  It’s a weekly event, so it wasn’t as extravagant as a 4th of July show, but it was still worthy of a few oohs and ahs.  We also decided this was the perfect night to stop at the Cheesecake Factory.  Since I didn’t have time to eat dinner, this was actually my main meal for the night.  I had the chocolate mousse cheesecake, and of course, I ate too much.  It was delish, naturally.

Living in Hawaii is exhausting, especially when you have guests who are trying to see as much as they can in two weeks.  I’m going to need a day to recover after they go home.  We’re so lucky that we live in a place with so much to do and see.


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