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Tuesday was significantly less stressful.  We managed to get up and go relatively early for my father.  We got to Walmart and bought a few ottomans and bookshelves.  This was a huge relief to me because it meant I didn’t have anymore piles of stuff laying around on the floor.  Well, I still need to get a dresser to get my folded clothes up off the floor, but other than that, we’re pile free.  It’s really starting to look like a home now.  I also picked up a toaster and a small vacuum for cheap.  And once we bought Geoff an electric kettle, he felt much more at home.  Don’t ask me why he can’t heat water up on the stove for his instant coffee.  He just needed the electric kettle to feel complete.

But in between all of this shopping and setting up of stuff, we visited the Kahala Hotel and Resort to take a look at their polished sea turtles and dolphins.  Rooms at this hotel start at $345 and can be as high as $4400 for the presidential suite, according to Lonely Planet.  As you might imagine, everything is posh and well manicured, including the beach in front of the hotel.  Lucky for us, all beaches in Hawaii are public which means we could swim right next to all the rich people on their perfect beach with sculpted postcard palm trees.  You can’t use their sweet cabanas and comfy lounge chairs, or order drinks from the waiters, but the ocean is for everyone.

It was a good day.  I got things accomplished, had some fun, and cooked some stuffed jalapenos and pillow dogs for dinner, pleasing both my husband and my child.  Score.  Good day?  Check


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