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Did I mention I need one of everything?  Did I mention I can sometimes get sort of frantic when I’m stressed?  Did I mention I had a practically empty apartment with three extra people now staying in it?  Did I mention I was quietly freaking out?

If I recall correctly, I got very little accomplished on Monday, and yet I was somehow still exhausted by the end of it.  I did manage to get to Costco in my dad’s car to buy a microwave so we could eat the leftovers that were accumulating in our fridge.  I also zipped over to Walmart, yet again, on my scooter to get a few more things necessary for survival for the first night of house guests.  I think Emily and Geoff went swimming somewhere in there.  I can’t remember what I made for dinner, but I know there was a bottle of wine and four cheap wine glasses in my basket.

I hate Walmart.  They are environmental and human rights offenders.  Their products lack quality and style.  And yet, when Target is a half an hour away, it’s simply not practical to drive out there to get the cheap stuff we need for our apartment.  And buying things at a nicer store is just not an option.  We are currently in need of the cheapest of everything.  My hands are tied.  There’s not much I can do about it but hope that at some future date, I might be able to replace some of these cheap things with something a little better.  I know.  There are much worse problems to have.  But that’s where I’m at right now.  So be it.


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Life should be awesome, even if your paycheck isn't. I'm trying to live awesomely on $20 a day.

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