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On Saturday, we got our own private tour of what I now consider our zoo.  My husband being a staff member and all.  He knows the names of all the animals and knows some special tricks for getting them to come closer.  He’s so clever.  And charming.  And handsome.  I love him.

The Honolulu Zoo is on the small side.  You can get through everything in a couple of hours.  But it’s obvious to me that this is a zoo that really cares about the animals and that conservation is their main focus.  They absolutely refuse to serve anything with palm oil, and a quarter of the food for the animals is grown right there at the zoo.  There’s a cool African Savannah area with giraffes and zebras wandering around together.  There are also chimps, monkeys, huge birds, and extremely old Galapagos tortoises.  In addition to the animals, there are also beautiful trees and gardens on the grounds that are just as exotic the animals.

I think Emily had a pretty good time checking out all the animals and getting to know the insider secrets.  She certainly wanted to get her picture taken a lot.  It got pretty hot in the late afternoon, though, and we were all worn out by the time we got to the elephants.

This was also my first night to cook in my new kitchen.  I made macaroni and cheese with some chopped up deli ham mixed in.  It was pretty delicious for being such a simple recipe, and I was thrilled with what my new oven can accomplish and how much food I can make all at once.  I intend to create many more delicious recipes in it.  Now if only we had a table to eat dinner at.


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