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Okay, I know it’s Thursday morning.  I know you haven’t heard from me since last Thursday evening, but it’s not my fault, I swear.  Since we checked out of our hotel last Friday morning, we haven’t had internet access until about a half an hour ago.  Internet dude was supposed to come on Wednesday, but never showed.  Luckily, he came to us first today, so now I’m connected and ready to go.  But I still owe you a post for every day, so step into my time machine.  Let’s go back to Friday.

We rounded up the last of our stuff from the hotel room, loaded it into my dad’s rental car, and checked out of our first home in Hawaii, the Ewa hotel.  If you ever need a cheap room in Waikiki, this is a great place to stay.  There’s no pool, and the breakfast isn’t exactly gourmet, but the service was friendly, the rooms were clean, and the wifi was relatively reliable.

We had some yummy french toast at the restaurant at the Ohana East hotel with bacon and eggs for five dollars.  It was sweet and crispy on the edges.  There was coconut syrup, too, if you’re into that sort of thing.  From there we took a brief stroll through Waikiki and back to the car before doing some necessary apartment shopping.

After a Costco trip in which I acquired a brand new HD TV for my husband (His prized possession.  What is it with guys and fancy TVs?) and yet another excursion to Walmart where we bought something to put the TV on and some bedding for Emily, amongst other things, it was time to get all of this new stuff set up.

It also happened to be trash day.  We noticed that the big trash can outside our apartment was starting to smell really awful.  It was also attracting quite a number of flies.  When we were finally brave enough to open it, we discovered it was full of drippy oozing trash bags, and a few random bits and bobs just tossed into the bin unbagged.  A lovely little gift left for us by the previous tenants.

Disposing of this trash was one of the most disgusting experiences of my life.  I am outrageously grateful that Geoff was there to deal with the most disgusting bits.  There was some raw fish and a whole package of raw steaks in this bin.  All the bags were crawling with maggots.  Geoff wore rubber dish gloves to pull the bags out and deposit them on the sidewalk with the rest of the trash.  There were a couple times when we both thought we were going to vomit.  I am definitely not cut out to be a CSI.

Geoff had to go in to work again on Saturday morning, so we went to bed early.  The first night sleeping in a new home is always a bit strange, and I slept poorly.  But I was in my own home.  The place where I will be laying down my head to sleep each night for at least a year.  There was still much work to be done, but it could wait.  We were home at last.


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  1. Hey, a giant TV is a must have! small or regular TV even just doesn’t look right lol 😉 nice adventure you had there by the way!


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