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We celebrated Emily’s 11th birthday on Sunday.  Tragically, it wasn’t with a trip to Diagon Alley.  Alas, no letter from Hogwarts for this 11 year old muggle born.  There are worse things, I suppose.  She had long ago requested red velvet cupcakes though, and thankfully, that was something I actually could provide.

Each time I make a recipe these days, I have to not only be careful to buy all the ingredients I need, but to also walk through the recipe in my mind and make sure I have the necessary equipment.  For this batch of cupcakes, I had to buy everything, including a mixing bowl .  But I had a miniature sous chef to help me with the sifting and egg cracking.  It was joyful work.

We spent a couple hours at the beach swimming, dodging waves, and playing monkey in the middle.  After quick showers, we went to Emily’s favorite Honolulu restaurant, Little Village Noodle House in Chinatown.  She had orange chicken and egg drop soup and loved it.

We were pretty tired after our huge Chinese meal, but there was still cupcake decorating that had to be done.  I whipped together the cream cheese frosting.  I looked in the wrong spot at Walmart for the piping stuff, so I used one of our dinky little butter knives to make a cute little swirl on the top of the cupcakes so that Emily could delicately sprinkle them with red sugar.  I think she had fun, and I know she loved the cupcakes.  It’s nice to know I can still impress her with something.


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