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Two extremely important people arrived in the middle of the night last night.  Around 4 am, Hedwig’s Theme started chiming into my dreams.  They were here.  They’d finally landed.  My daughter and my dad were supposed to arrive around 8:30 last night, but due to some maintenance issues with the airline, their flight was delayed something like five hours.  When the phone rang, we got out of bed and drove up to the apartment, since my dad and his partner Tessie would be staying there that night.

We had to be very quiet so as not to wake the neighbors.  All the houses are very close together back there, and we thought it probably wouldn’t make a very good first impression.  I was immediately struck by how much taller Emily was.  It wasn’t until the morning that I noticed my dad’s grey hair.  But other than that, nothing much had changed.

It’s such a relief to have my dad here to help me move in to a new place.  It’s been so stressful doing everything by myself these past few days.  I need someone with me to justify my decisions and give their opinion.  Choosing everything for the apartment is too much responsibility for me.  Plus, it’s good to have someone around who knows how to fix things.  If only I had tools.

I was astonished to learn this morning that my daughter and I can now fit into the same shoes.  Or flip flops at least.  She’s grown so much.  I get to see her gorgeous face all the time, thanks to the miracle of Skype, but the proportions are hard to distinguish.  I can now easily rest my chin on top of her head without bending down.  I suspect she’ll be close to six feet tall when she’s done growing.

She's funny, this one

I have such a beautiful little lady with me this month.  She is polite and gracious as always and becoming so wonderful to have a conversation with.  She was helpful while we cleaned up the kitchen today and didn’t complain once about having to wait for the furniture delivery men.  I love this kid.  More than I could ever possibly say.  It’s so wonderful to have her home with us for a while.  I wish it could be forever.


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