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An Enumeration of Annoyances

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In no particular order:

1)  My helmet is heavy, ugly, gives me a headache and is a pain to take on and off.  It’s legal to ride without a helmet here, so most people don’t wear them.  Consequently, there’s hardly anywhere to buy a helmet.  Moreover, it cost $65.

2)  The weather is great here, but there is no relief from the sun when driving a scooter at midday.  That’s what I’ve been spending most of my time doing the past few days.  Driving back and forth to stores searching for things for our empty apartment.  My hands and forearms are so brown.

3)  Honolulu is full of one way streets and intersections that won’t let you turn.  I must have driven past the furniture store at least three times the other day before I finally figured out how to get into the parking lot.  Luckily, you can’t get lost for too long on this small island.  You’re either driving toward the mountains, or toward the sea.  Toward Diamond Head or away from it.  You can’t get too far.

4)  By far the most annoying thing to happen today is that my daughter and my dad were supposed to be making their way to my new apartment right now.  Instead their flight was delayed six hours for some mysterious reason.  Now it looks like I’ll be getting up around 2 am to let my dad into my apartment and then bring Emily back here.  Do you have any idea how useless I am when I’m tired?  But whatever it takes to see my baby.  Stupid airlines.

Seriously, life’s pretty good.  But it’s still life, and sometimes things get annoying.  If I don’t complain from time to time, I go a little crazy.  That’s just how I am.  Nobody ever accused me of being too perky.  Deal.


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