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So, I got an apartment today.  It was mildly traumatic.  We decided we wanted the place after going to look at it yesterday evening, but I couldn’t get in touch with the landlord.  I called him this morning, and left a message.  I finally heard back from him a little after 9 am.  I had to go meet with his 90 year old great aunt to fill out the application.  This application was giving me fits because I know my credit is bad.  I was so nervous during the few hours I was waiting to hear back about it.  And Geoff was at work so there was no one to calm me down or distract me.  It was just me and my anxiety.

Finally Geoff came home for an afternoon break and we went and got some lunch.  I started to mellow out a little bit, but only a little.  When we came back into the hotel room, I had two missed calls and a voice mail on my phone.  I swear, nobody can feel that thing vibrate.  It was the landlord.  I called him back right away, as his message was most uninformative.  I couldn’t believe it when he told me we got the place.

We headed back over to Auntie Sue’s house to pay our deposit and prorated first month’s rent.  High five for saving $400 on that.  It was another long drawn out affair with Sue discoursing on British geography and Bible study, but when we left, we were the proud new tenants of a shabby duplex hidden neatly away in the cutest neighborhood in Honolulu.  Well, I guess I haven’t seen that much of it yet, but I really like this neighborhood.

Our place isn’t much to look at, especially from the outside, but it’s way back off the main road, completely hidden from view of the street.  It’s got a new stove and a big oven, which I was naturally thrilled about.  There’s plenty of storage in the kitchen and bathroom.  The bedrooms are small but sufficient.  There’s a washer and clothes line out back, and shade all around.  It probably wouldn’t look like a very exciting place to most people, but there was just something about it that felt like home.

My next task is to find some furniture to put inside it.  The good part is, it’s so small we won’t need to buy much lest the place become overcrowded.  It’s not the kind of place where you could throw a big party, but we could have a couple people over for dinner from time to time and even accommodate a couple of house guests.  I can’t wait to turn this place into our home.  I’m ready to be settled in one place for a while.  All this fussing has been so exhausting.  I’m ready to go home.


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