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Walk a Mile in My Shoes

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If you had walked around in my shoes for the last two days, your feet would be covered in blisters and your legs would be so sore you could barely stand up.  Every step is pain.  My spine is compacted.  I’ve probably shrunk an inch in the last two days.  I need to do some yoga tomorrow so I can stretch myself back out again.

I walked five hours yesterday and three hours today.  The good news is I acquired two scooters today, so now I never have to walk anywhere again unless I want to.  We’re planning to hike out to a waterfall on Sunday, so I’m resting for the next two days.  I’m not walking more than five blocks.

After much futile searching and getting lost on my new scooter today, I feel I’ve had a bit of success in the apartment hunt realm.  I found a place I really like, but I haven’t been able to get in touch with the guy to find out how I can get my hands on it.  I’m hoping he’ll call me back soon and just say I can move in.  I won’t go into describing yet in case I don’t get it.  That would just be sad.

The past two days have been so hectic.  I’ve hardly been able to breathe.  And I haven’t had time to look for a job yet.  Hopefully I can squeeze that in tomorrow.  Anybody know if there’s a Kinko’s in Honolulu?  I hope I can get some sub work straight away.  I sure could use a job.  I would feel so much calmer about everything if I just knew I had some sort of income.  It cost ten dollars for us to eat at McDonald’s tonight.  Waikiki is crazy expensive.  This will prove, no doubt, to be the biggest culture shock of all.


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Life should be awesome, even if your paycheck isn't. I'm trying to live awesomely on $20 a day.

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