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The last load of laundry is hanging on the balcony.  All of my worldly possessions have been packed into five bags.  I also managed to give away a whole car full of stuff to two of my friends today.  We’re nearly there.  All that’s left to do tomorrow is… well… Go to the school to pick up my final wage, take it to the bank and get some US money and transfer the rest then close the account, clean up our apartment, move our stuff to the hotel, give our keys to our landlord and get our deposit back, get my nails done, buy magazines for the plane, and drop our scooters off at Gill’s place.  That’s it.  Nothing too exciting tomorrow, right?  At least the day will pass quickly.

Thanks to our giant suitcases, I’m actually bringing a lot more stuff than I intended this time.  That’s mostly due to the fact that I know I’ll just have to buy it again anyway when I get there.  But I did my best to get rid of anything unnecessary.  I was so pleased that we were able to give so many things away today instead of having them wasted.  We’ll still be taking a lot of stuff down to the recycle bin tomorrow, but hopefully a lot of it will get claimed by our neighbors.

It’s nearly time.  One more day.  I’m exhausted.  All I want is to swim in the ocean.


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