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A Series of Lasts

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This is our last week.  That means every five minutes I’ll be saying “this is the last time I’ll…”  Tonight was the last taco Tuesday at The Early Bird Diner.  That’s a tradition I’ll surely miss.  It’s great to have a place you can go where everybody knows you.  We’re having our leaving party there on Saturday, and the owner told us he’d stock up on Kahlua.  They know exactly what we want.  It feels like home in there.

Every day at work this week I’ll say “This is my last Monday.  This is my last Tuesday. etc.”  Until finally it will be only the last day.  I’ve already had to return my books and stationary supplies, so my desk is half cleaned out already.  Time is slowly ticking by.  Three more days and I can say goodbye to that place forever.

I must confess, I’m not much for goodbyes.  I mostly like to just pretend like it’s not really happening and that I’ll just be seeing all my friends again next week.  Expect to get a hug and a “see you soon” from me.  I’ll break down in tears later when you’re not looking.

My head has been swirling lately with reflections about my time here.  There is so much that I am appreciative of, despite my complaints.  In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not particularly perky.  I don’t really do positive and sunny.  I’m a bit cynical, and I like to grumble.  But I’m much to old to change, and the people who really love me understand.  But I’ll save all of my revelations and epiphanies for another day.  I think it’s best to let it stew a bit longer.  Right now, I’m full of refried beans and ready for bed.  Why are refried beans so awesome?  But I digress.  Good night.


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