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I used to easily be able to stay up until 3 am or later and then sleep until noon the next day without a pinch of regret.  What happened to me?  I can’t manage to keep my eyes open much past midnight these days, even if I’ve had a luxurious nap.  And I can’t remember the last time I slept past 9 am.  There’s something about the quality of the morning light here that just forces me out of bed.  It’s pathetic.

I’ve also noticed a lot of changes to my appearance this year.  I get a new weird mole every twenty minutes, it seems.  My butt seems to sag a bit more than it used to.  My arms are particularly flabby.  I have distinct lines around my eyes.  I am officially wrinkly.  I don’t like this one bit.  Time and gravity are taking their toll.  I’m not ready to pay it.

And I’m only just now getting to a place in my life where I feel like I know what I want, and I actually have some idea about how to get it.  I’ve learned to accept who I am and not try to change or adjust to other people’s expectations.  I’m not so lost anymore.  Unfortunately, this new found wisdom doesn’t show in my face.  The only thing my face seems to show these days is that I’m tired.  Time is a cruel mistress.

I spent a great day eating and laughing with friends.  I baked a couple dozen cookies for a little FYOC party today.  Just another excuse to get rid of things in my refrigerator.  Come by and frost your own cookie with all the left over frosting I’ve accumulated over the past couple weeks.  It should be delicious.  And while we’re getting fat, we can compare wrinkles.


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