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I had a lovely and relaxing Saturday made all the more lovely by the fact that it may be the last of its kind for quite a while.  I love waking up and having no particular place to go.  The weather wasn’t ideal for the previously contemplated trip to the beach, so we stayed in Taichung City and had a quiet night in with a friend.

After a late lunch at the diner, we walked to the used bookstore.  I was so jealous.  I’m not allowed to buy any more books before we leave.  We’ll have quite enough to carry with us as it is.  I am, however, excited about the prospect of getting to pick up a few new magazines for the flight.   The time passes much more enjoyably when there’s plenty of food porn to gawk at.

I made chunky chicken chili for dinner. This stuff is so good.  You won’t believe it.  It had a perfect intensity of spiciness, even though I forgot to add the can of diced green chilies.  That’s what happens when your recipe is 20 feet away in the next room.  I probably could have eaten a gallon of it.  I think Geoff and Zach may actually have done so.

After this, I was so tired.  But I promised our guest we could make cauldron cakes, so back into the kitchen I went.  The recipe I used called for oil instead of butter, and I didn’t think the batter tasted nearly as nice.  It was extremely finicky in my tiny oven and the cakes all fell, even though I left them in for nearly 30 minutes. Baking fail.  If they taste okay, we’ll decorate them today to look like cauldrons with a simmering green potion inside.

I’ve said it before.  I love my quiet life.  I have absolutely no desire to go to crazy parties where people get drunk and naked.  I’m sure it seems boring to some to stay home and bake on a Saturday night, but I had a completely wonderful day.


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