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I knew I had to wake up early to write my blog post for yesterday, but I had no intention of being awoken that early or in that particular manner.  I was dreaming that we were riding our scooter around a lake when we came to some stairs.  At first we tried to push the scooter up, then eventually abandoned them to just walk because there were so many stairs going up and down around the lake.  At some point during this dream, I started to actually cough in my bed.  I felt like my throat had swollen shut.  I couldn’t breathe.  I’m sure this lasted for no more than two seconds, but it made me panic.  My heart was racing.  There was no way I was going to go back to sleep.  I still feel a tightness in my chest sort of like mild asthma.  I don’t know what happened, but it was scary.

My two most promising attempts to open a bank account have been met with the same response.  Wait.  Documents are in the mail to a bank in Washington, and the bank in Hawaii requires a phone call during normal business hours because of a problem with their website.  However, I feel confident that my grandmother and aunt will not give up until the problem is solved.  If only we weren’t racing against the clock.

Geoff has another skype conference with the education director and this time, the executive director of the Honolulu zoo on Tuesday morning.  The education director, the person with whom he’s been working, said in her email that the executive director was excited to meet him, and they wanted to finalize things so everything will be ready when he arrives on the 2nd.  While technically not a formal job offer, I am extremely confident.  Doesn’t that sound like the job is his?

I’m trying to change my attitude about the situation to be more positive, like my father-in-law always tells me.  That immigration officer probably really wants to help us.  It’s not his fault we weren’t able to provide any documentation regarding domicile at the time of the meeting.  So once we give it to him, we get the visa.  He just needs to have the papers in the file.  He was just doing his job.  He actually likes helping people get into the country.  We’ll see if that works.  It certainly makes me feel less bitter, which I suppose is the whole point of positive thinking.

I’m going to try and catch my breath and perhaps even try to go back to sleep.  This is my last day off.  I think a Harry Potter double feature and some baking might be the best way to enjoy it.


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