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In possibly premature anticipation of our move to Hawaii and my home country (even if it’s not my home state), I’ve been contemplating all of the things I will soon be able to do with relative ease.  Even though we’ve gotten used to the lifestyle here, and I hardly notice it anymore, life abroad can be extremely complicated.  So here’s a list of the things I will soon be able to do.

Soon I will be able to go into a clothing store knowing that they will almost certainly have clothes in my size.  Now whether or not I will be able to afford said clothes is a completely different matter.  But if I was feeling crazy and just wanted to try on a fancy dress, I could simply ask for a size ten and know it would fit over my hips.  I will hopefully not have to leave a shop near tears ever again.

Soon I will be able to read all signs and postings, including warnings about possibly dangerous mosquitoes and other harmful things in my environment.  No longer will I have to walk past a sign featuring a picture of an angry insect and wonder what the hell it means.  Of course, this means I’ll have to start obeying all of the signs as well.  I will no longer be able to feign ignorance as a foreigner.

Soon I will be able to make small talk with people in line at the grocery store or in a cafe.  I will be able to go into a shop and ask for help or inquire about a needed product.  I will be able to talk to a cab driver with relative certainty that I will actually end up at my intended destination.  Even though Honolulu is the most diverse city in America, there’s bound to be enough English speakers to accomplish everything I need to get done.  You have no idea what a relief this is.

Soon I will be able to see stars and breathe fresh air.  The trade winds carry the pollution away from Honolulu so there’s very little if any smog.  The air is clear and fresh and most everywhere smells of flowers or the sea.

Soon I will be able to simply call people on the phone without it costing a million dollars.  Night and day will not be reversed.  There’s only a two hour time difference between Hawaii and the west coast.  It will be so much easier to communicate with my family back home.

Soon I will be able to drink tap water.  If I am thirsty, I can simply get a glass, go to the sink, fill it, and drink it without worry of illness.  I will not have to walk around the corner to the shop late at night if we run out of water.  How convenient is that?

Soon I will be able to eat in more than five restaurants in my town.  In fact, I have a feeling there will be so many little great places to eat, it will be overwhelming.  I’ll also be able to go into the grocery store and know what I’m looking at.  I won’t have to drive all over town to buy things like beans or cheese.  It will all be in one convenient location.  It’s like a miracle or something.

Soon I will be able to go to the library.  I just read that Honolulu has a pretty sweet downtown library, and I’m really excited about being able to read stuff for free, especially cookbooks.  They’re so expensive that I love to be able to preview them before buying in case they ending up not actually having anything delicious inside.  As soon as I get an apartment, I’m getting a library card.  I can’t wait.

It’s still possible that everything could come crashing down, and we won’t be able to go to Hawaii for some crazy reason.  However, we’re going to do everything in our power to make sure that by August 2nd we’re aboard a plane to paradise.  Book your spot on my futon soon.  There may be a waiting list.


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