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I didn’t really know many Canadians before I came to Taiwan.  I’ve been to Vancouver and Victoria BC several times growing up.  I also went to a lot of local minor league hockey games when I was a kid, so I know the Canadian national anthem by heart.  But I’ve never before celebrated Canada Day!

I have a feeling the weather at this Canada Day celebration was less than typical.  Thankfully it was a bit overcast, so the sun wasn’t scorching, but the humidity was ridiculous and as the sun went down, it only seemed to get hotter.  There was no traditional Canadian food, but I did eat a tasty, if somewhat cold, chicken burrito, and my first cheeseburger made on an actual outdoor grill in I don’t know how long.  It was simple cheeseburger deliciousness.  Very homey.  Oh, and let’s talk about the dessert.

I made mini Oreo cheesecakes.  I wish I could have tasted one.  I made them especially for my friend Matt who had three.  I think I managed to make him pretty happy.  He looked like he might just go ahead and die then and there from excitement.

And then there were the spice cakes.  I got to eat two of these, as the last one seemed like it wasn’t going to sell.  Oh my god amazing!  This recipe had two tablespoons of ground ginger, which gave the cake a wonderful gentle heat.  And the cream cheese icing was smooth and tangy and luscious.  So much better than frosting from a can.  If you’re still letting some factory make your frosting, you need to stop that nonsense right now.  I’m telling you, frosting from scratch is ten thousand times better.  Don’t have time to make your own frosting, you say?  Well, I’m relying on your laziness to keep my business going, so just let me do it for you.

I don’t know if I’ll ever have another opportunity to celebrate Canada Day.  It was certainly enjoyable.  But I am thrilled that I now have so many interesting Canadian friends.  And I assure you, none of them would ever be involved in a riot.  The Canadians I know are mild-mannered and funny.  They love to drink and laugh.  They’re just like Americans, but don’t tell them that.  Canada, you’re pretty awesome, eh.


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