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The rain has been present for several days now.  Ever since the clouds opened up Saturday while I was sitting outside sharing a drink with friends, the clouds have been omnipresent.  Every afternoon it seems to start again.  The warm showers cool the city, dampen the pollution, and make this concrete jungle seem almost refreshing.  The soft falling rain and occasional rumble of thunder make me feel warm and drowsy.  It’s gotta be one of my all time favorite sounds.

You won’t hear me complaining for one second about the rain.  Anything that can shut off the late June heat for four days is high on my list of things I love.  The heat here is oppressive, so to have a reprieve like this is glorious.  It makes me want to sing.

We’ve got some big days coming up.  Geoff’s immigration interview is a week from today.  I still haven’t been able to open a US bank account.  If you see my dad, shake your fist at him from me.  He’s gone MIA at a crucial moment.

Geoff’s references received an e-mail from the zoo, so they’re serious enough about him to go to the trouble of checking his references.  And he’s pretty much guaranteed that both references will be good as he helped to write them.  The boss at the zoo also said he was the front runner for the job.

Lastly, we’ve tentatively booked flights for August 2nd.  Two one way tickets to Honolulu.  I lose my breath for a moment just thinking about it.  Of course, if the zoo says they want him to come earlier, we still have that option right now, as the tickets aren’t paid for yet.  So we have to try to find a hotel and a car once we get there.  Oh, and prepaid sim cards for our phones so we can start making a million phone calls to leasing agents.  It’s all happening.  Is this really my life?


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