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A Time Management Miracle

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I’m walking to the diner tonight to meet Geoff for taco Tuesday, so for once in my life, I’m going to be smart and write my blog post now, since I’m normally really tired when I get home, so I end up writing something grumpy.  I took it easy today and managed not to do anything that stressed me out too much.  I’m going to walk to the diner, and I’ve managed to save up enough calories to have a milkshake.  Go me.

The only problem with posting now is that I haven’t quite thought of anything to write about yet.  Treatsies Bakery has been invited to it’s first real event to sell our treatsies to the comedy lovers of Stock 20 this Saturday afternoon.  Instead of lurking in parks or unintentionally selling treats in local restaurants, we’ll actually have a table set aside for us.  I’m pretty excited that they thought to ask us to come and sell.  I need some inspiration, though.  I know I’m definitely making brownies, but I’d love any suggestions on what else I should bake and bring.  We’ll be indoors with air conditioning, so we don’t have to worry about meltage too much, which is lucky.  I want to wow people a little bit, but stay true to my philosophy that flavor comes first.

It also just recently occurred to me that the school year is almost over.  I have the rest of this week to teach, then Monday and Tuesday of next week.  Then students have exams on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday is a teacher work day.  I have a glorious week off, then three weeks of summer school with only two periods to teach each day and no lessons on Thursdays.  Then my contract is up.  I can collect my final paycheck and my meager bonus and leave this country.  If we get the visa.  If…

We’re going to Taipei the evening of the 5th.  Geoff booked us a pretty swank hotel room with a jacuzzi bath tub.  I’m not normally a bath person, but I’m pretty excited about this opportunity to relax in the tub.  I’m hoping we can find that pizza place we went to last time we stayed at this hotel.  It was pretty delicious.

So now that we’re all thoroughly bored, it’s nearly time for me to head off on the long and winding walk to my dinner.  I can take advantage of the wifi on my phone for once if I get to the restaurant before Geoff.  Look at me all swank and 21st century.  One day at a time people.  One day at a time.


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