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Let Downs and Long Talks

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Yesterday I spent a LOT of time making cupcakes and cookies to try to sell in the park.  Based on conversations I had with people earlier in the week, I thought a lot of our friends would be gathering there to hang out and have a few drinks before going out for the night.  One person was particularly keen to help.  She volunteered her ice chest, and was really happy about helping with customers who didn’t speak English.  I was looking forward to having all of our friends around so that we could laugh together and share some good times.  Apparently, my ideas of making plans are not the same as other people’s.  Apparently, I expect too much from others.  Apparently, just because someone says they’ll do something or be somewhere doesn’t mean they’re actually going to do it.  I was so disappointed when my friend told me she was going to a different party.

So I guess that’s just another one of my many flaws.  My expectations are too high.  I always go where I say I will be.  I’m pretty much always on time.  I try as much as possible to think about other people and their feelings and what my actions communicate.  My husband tells me it is unreasonable for me to expect the same behavior from other people.  I disagree.  This is one of our many differences.  However, I think it’s important to note that I also don’t hold grudges.  I get irritated when people don’t stick to their word or value my time, but I always forgive them and never make a big deal about it.

Eventually though, two of our closest and most wonderful friends did finally join us (nearly two hours late 😉 ) on our little blanket in the park behind our Treatsies sign.  We came much better equipped this week, with all of our treats and the wine in one cooler bag with ice packs, so our cupcakes didn’t melt.  Geoff and I managed to work our way through our two bottles of sweet wine quick enough, and the conversation was flowing.  What’s better than sitting under the stars (I know they’re up there even if we can’t see them through all the pollution) and talking about spirituality and politics with your closest friends?  I love it.

We were extra indulgent yesterday and decided to go out for pizza at this great little place called Salut on Soho Street.  I haven’t counted up my calories, but I also sampled a cupcake yesterday, so I have a feeling I’ll be quite disappointed in the results.  I did notice when I looked in the mirror this morning that my face is starting to look a bit thinner.  I’ll soon be going to the beach every day so I need to tone this sad old body up so that I don’t gross anyone out on the beach.  The thing I love about Hawaii, though, is that everybody’s out at the beach, so nobody’s really paying attention to anyone else’s body.  Walking around in a bathing suit is just perfectly normal there.

All in all I count it as a successful day.  I think Geoff was trying to be extra supportive this week.  I hope it was genuine and not just an act.  British people can sometimes be excessively polite, so it’s difficult to know how they really feel about things.  But what I do know is that my husband loves me tremendously.  So I’ll stop doubting myself and just accept it.


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