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Friday nights are special.  We have a routine, see.  We work our butts off at extremely stressful jobs all week.  I get up early.  Geoff works late.  It’s exhausting.  We hardly get to spend any quality time together during the week.  According to my husband, I am thoroughly incomprehensible in the mornings.  Lunch time goes by so quickly.  We eat dinner together, and then go to bed maybe an hour or two after Geoff gets home at night.  I think this is probably the case with a lot of couples.  During the week, we barely pass each other.

That’s why I love Friday nights so much.  Each week, we meet somewhere for dinner at 9 pm after Geoff gets off work.  I either walk or take a cab (it’s so cheap here) so that we can drive home together on one scooter, and I can put my arms around him.  I usually try to dress up at least a little bit, sometimes a lot.  I at least always try to wear makeup and perfume so that he sees me and remembers that he thinks I am beautiful.  This meal is my favorite of each week.  It doesn’t matter what we order or where we go.  I always love it.  I get to sit across from the man who has made me feel more special than I thought I could ever feel.  I get to relax and share conversation and wine with him.  I get to look into his eyes, and tell him I love him, and feel all romantic and silly, only it’s not silly because it’s real.

Last night he asked me to wear the new dress I’d bought the week before.  I even curled my hair because I know he loves that.  He must have told me twenty times that I looked sexy.  We sat outside (sweating a bit) and ate our food and drank just enough to get a good night’s sleep.  The stress melts away during Friday’s dinner because we know we don’t have to go back to work for two days.  We can just laugh and enjoy each other.

Sometimes friends join us on Friday nights, and that’s great, too. It means extra laughter and fun.  But I like it just as much when it’s just Geoff and me and the moon and the stars and everything else disappears.  Everybody needs a tradition like this.  At least once a month.  Life is never easy.  Take the time to just enjoy the person you’re going to be with for the rest of your life and remember why you love each other.  I think it’s one of the most important parts of my week.  I’m already looking forward to next Friday.


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