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Hot Time Summer in the City

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I fear there are two words you will hear repeated with gaining frequency for the next few months.  It’s hot!  I’ve always lived in places with hot summers before, and I’ve always hated it.  Walking into a wall of heat as soon as you step out the front door.  Feeling constantly sticky and slightly toasted, or sometimes even severely scorched by the cruel unrelenting sun.  Everything melting or burning.  It makes me grumpy just to think about it.

There are a few things about Taiwan summers that are especially cruel, though.  One is the lack of air conditioning in many places.  I am extremely fortunate to have a window air conditioner in both my living room and my bedroom.  I am able to maintain a fairly comfortable temperature inside my home.  And this past year, I have had AC in the classrooms of my school as well, whereas last year I did not, and it was atrociously hot.  However, we aren’t allowed to turn the air on until 9:15, and we have to have it set at 26, so sometimes it just never cools down in my office.  When I wake up in the morning, it’s usually about 28 degrees in my living room.  So the day starts off hot.

Also, in Taiwan, I don’t drive a car, which means I can’t roll up the windows and blast the AC and drive in cool comfort.  As I drive through the hot wind, the sun beats down on my arms, back and shoulders, burning my skin.  I love my scooter, but driving at midday can be miserable.

In the past, I would become nocturnal in the summer, staying inside and sleeping until late in the morning.  I’d avoid going out during daylight hours as much as possible.  I’d do all of my outdoor business after dusk, when, even if the temperature and humidity are still high, the sun can’t burn me.  But in Taiwan, there’s no such thing as summer break.  My summer break lasts exactly one week.  I have to work through the hottest part of the summer, so there’s no way to avoid the deathly sun.

So you may ask, why on earth would I would move to a tropical island where it’s hot year round.  The temperature in Hawaii is actually much more moderate and the humidity is lower than it is here.  From our observation, the temperature stays between 25 and 30 almost the entire year.  And the sea breeze is quite cooling.  As long as you can find shade, you can stay quite comfortable.  I would probably consider taking shelter from the late afternoon heat from time to time, but for the most part, the weather in Hawaii is really ideal.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve hated being hot.  It makes me grumpy and tired, and sometimes even ill.  I’ve broken out in a rash and felt nauseous and faint because of being too hot.  My skin is fair, and I burn easily.  I do everything I can to avoid going out in extremely hot weather.  It makes me a much less pleasant person.  I shall apologize now for my lack of enthusiasm in all outdoor activities over the next few months.  What can I say?  I’m a winter baby.

Oh yeah, a quick conversion. 25 C=77 F, 30 C=86 F, 35 C=95 F Sunday’s high temp?  35


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