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Early Night in Slough

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I’m finally managing to write before the sun goes down on the actual day that the post relates to.  It’s been a whirlwind experience, and even though it’s only 7:42, it’s already been a long day.  We woke up to the amazing and unexpected headline about the death of Osama Bin Laden.  We’re watching the White House briefing from the hotel bed right now.  Romantic, I know.

We set off a little past 8 am with Geoff’s parents and younger sister for the drive and farewells at the Preston train station.  I knew this would be a difficult moment for Geoff and his family, and my exhaustion added to my own level of emotion at this moment.  I felt positively cruel on that platform as I watched my husband saying goodbye to the people he loves the most.  I feel no lack of guilt about taking him so far away.

A majority of our day has been spent on cramped trains.  After a brief and highly stressful airport transportation fiasco, we finally made it back into London for an early dinner at a Belgian restaurant with Geoff’s friend Rich.  But 12 days of travelling the country and meeting many friends and family members has completely drained us of all energy.  I am positively thrilled to be lying in this apparently clean hotel bed.  Tomorrow’s journey will be absolutely arduous, and I am in no way looking forward to it.  You should get excited about the next post from Kuala Lumpur full of groaning about my uncomfortable 12 hour flight.

I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to England and go back to an apartment that is no doubt full of mosquitoes.  But there’s really no choice.  Back to real life it is.  I intend to make a Victoria sandwich cake this weekend.  Come by for a piece and a cup of tea.  It would be my pleasure.


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