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It’s Sunday night again, which means work tomorrow.  I’ve been dealing with an unruly computer and a heavy case of the Sunday blahs.  There is a large group of people on my street talking very loudly, and a series of explosion can be heard at regular intervals.  Geoff and I are both feeling a bit anxious for no particular reason.  For me, I know that thinking about the future can be overwhelming.  I guess that’s why I’m such an awesome procrastinator.

I’m digging for something to talk about tonight.  I created a Twitter page for my imaginary bakery a while back (@TreatsiesBakery if you’re interested). From this account, I follow other bakers and baking bloggers.  It’s so amazing and intimidating to see the things that people are creating.  It makes what I do look stupid.  How could I possibly imagine that I could compete with all the talented bakers out there who have such an artistic eye?  I’ve seen cupcakes and cakes made in people’s homes that are truly breathtaking.  It’s definitely taught me not to take myself too seriously or get too excited about the idea of having any sort of baking career.

I just like to make things that are good to eat.  If they’re cute or beautiful, that’s a bonus.  But I don’t want my food to be so pretty that I don’t want to eat it.  I want it to be something you can’t wait to scarf down.  I want people to be dying to get their hands on another one.  I love putting a smile of people’s faces with something I’ve made.  It makes me feel a sense of accomplishment and pride when someone compliments my cooking.  I am NOT a professional.  Alas, I suppose I should not let that be from a lack of trying.

In case you were wondering who’s got me so envious, check out this gorgeous blog.  Absolutely beautiful.


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