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This is not the first time, nor will it, I’m sure, be the last time that I chastise myself for committing to blog on a daily basis.  Neither my life, nor my mind are quite interesting enough to warrant 200 to 500 words a day.  Let’s start with what I did. I woke up and wrote my blog for yesterday, posted some photos on Facebook, and discovered the insane amount of calories I’d eaten over the past two days.  After that, I watched a great film entitled In a Better World.  This is a Danish film that won the Oscar for best foreign language film this past year.  It was absolutely stunning and breathtakingly tragic.  It made me want to move to Denmark, though I’d never send my child to public school there.  I highly recommend it.

After eating my leftover chicken parm, we headed out into the blustery weather to walk to Chung Yo on a quest for dark rum.  Only the light stuff can be found in the supermarket.  Jason’s had rum, but it was over 600 NT (more than $20 US), and I just wasn’t prepared to pay that much for a big bottle just to make one recipe.  Luckily, we found rum extract on the baking aisle which was much more in my price range.  We splurged on some decent deli turkey as well.  There’s just nothing like it at the regular supermarket.  If you want a decent sandwich, you have to pay a premium.

After walking back home and resting our feet, I decided to knock another film off my list and watch Life Support for which Queen Latifah won a Golden Globe.  It was a nice film.  A very interesting topic, but not particularly groundbreaking as a film.  I managed to squeeze in the pilot episode of Commander in Chief while Geoff was still occupied with his video game.  I look forward to following the drama of the first woman president.

It was a well-deserved dull day.  I rather enjoyed it.  My favorite thing about this day was that I wasn’t at work.  My second favorite thing about this day is that I don’t have to work tomorrow either.


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Life should be awesome, even if your paycheck isn't. I'm trying to live awesomely on $20 a day.

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