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It’s late and I need to get to sleep, but I also need to fulfill my daily blog obligation.  We’ll be getting up early tomorrow to drive to Sun Moon Lake, so I need some sleep.  Today I baked some peanut butter muffins and carried them with me as we walked all over town meeting up with friends.  Everybody who tried one said they were great.  It was our friend Lynn’s birthday, so we met up with her and Matt at TGI Fridays where I quickly consumed a big bacon cheeseburger.  It was most satisfying.  After a couple other stops to celebrate with Lynn, I am now at home and longing for my bed.  There was a mysterious Skype message from my father.  I can’t imagine what I could be in trouble for, but it’s stressing me out.  So, off to bed with me and my worries.  I promise pictures of our day trip when we get home tomorrow evening.


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