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After an hour’s incessant yawning, and a full day’s shivering, I went to bed early for a Saturday night, around 11.  It was only after I was cocooned snuggly under three blankets that I realized I’d forgotten to write my blog for the day.  So my compensatory Sunday morning blog is as follows.

The weather was dreary and Geoff had a hang over, so it was a bit uneventful.  We got up early and walked to McDonald’s for breakfast.  It was extremely crowded and we ended up eating outside on a bench because people were sat all around reading their newspapers or sleeping after they’d finished their food so nobody else could use the tables.  It’s a good thing I don’t speak their language because I probably would have been quite rude to someone.

From there we walked two or three miles to a place called Food Materials Mall.  This must be some sort of restaurant/bakery supply shop.  It had all sorts of kitchen equipment, food packaging, and bulk ingredients.  It gave me tons of ideas, should I ever get an order while in Taiwan.  But I came home with a rubber spatula, a silicon muffin pan, a potato masher, and a digital food scale.  I can’t wait to try out some of my new gadgets.  Chocolate banana muffins are in my near future.

Once we made it back, we chilled on the couch for a while to give my feet a rest.  Frozen to the core, I decided to try to lay down in the bed to warm up, and even though I managed to take about an hour’s nap, I never really got warm.  Plans for dinner changed, when we heard from our long lost friend, Gillian, who had been in the UK for a month.  We walked to dinner at Uzo, where I proceeded to consume way to many calories.  It was a lovely evening, but for some reason I was exhausted.  I blame it on the cold, and the sixish miles I logged on my new purple trainers.

I somehow still managed to sleep until 10 today.  We’re going to the diner and Fengjia night market.  I also plan to do some cooking and baking.  I think the rain has stopped.  Here’s to lazy Sundays.  Feel the love.


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