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I have a problem.  I am a compulsive list maker.  I can’t seem to stop making lists about anything and everything.  Mostly, it’s simple to-do lists, but I also have a book list I’ve been working on for nearly ten years.  It pretty much always hovers between 275 and 300 books because I add them faster than I can read them.  I update my movie list after the Golden Globes and Oscars every year.  I look forward to the opportunity to look at another list.  I make lists of things I want to buy.  Lists of things I wish I could buy but can probably never afford.   I’m a freak.

An extension of this is an annoyingly methodical approach to many things, including cookbooks.  I am working my way through Kitchen from front to back, trying everything I can get the ingredients for/get Geoff to eat.  I am so glad that I live with someone who does not mercilessly make fun of my need to do things in order.  I realize it’s probably weird, but it’s a compulsion.  I can’t help it.  That’s how I like to do things.  In order.

My new list-making obsession will hopefully help make me less squishy.  One of my co-workers posted that he had started using and so I clicked on it to see what it was all about.  For the past two days I have been writing down everything I ate and keeping track of the calories.  I even walked for an hour today with my laptop in my backpack, just so I could have enough spare calories to eat Mexican Lasagna tonight.  I’m not sure if this compulsion will last, and I almost never stick to anything long enough to lose weight, but at the moment, it’s fascinating.  Mostly I’d rather eat ice cream than be skinny.


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