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Long Days and Lipstick

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I had a completely horrible day today.  Fridays are always tough, given that I have an excessive amount of lessons and work an extra 25 minutes.  But my problems today started much earlier when my alarm failed to go off and I woke up an hour late.  I managed to will myself awake fifteen minutes before I was supposed to be clocked in at work.  I was there well before I had to teach an actual lesson, but I was still about ten minutes late clocking in.  I am most definitely not a morning person, and I need that extra hour to sort of stomp around and grumble and rub my eyes.  Geoff packed up my laptop, but there was no milk for him to make tea with.  This threw me off and made me extra tired all day long.  I never seemed to properly wake up.

At one point in the day, I found some sort of bug crawling on my neck, which was pretty disgusting.  This many-legged creature about the size of a grain of rice only added to the distinct lack of charm to the day and made me feel absolutely disgusting.

After my 5th period class, we got the news of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  We are perfectly safe here in Western Taiwan, but we finally saw some of the footage on the news at the diner.  It saddened me deeply.

Needless to say, I was so happy to finally make it home.  I did manage to relax a bit, since Geoff had insisted that I meet him at the diner for dinner rather than making fajitas.  So chicken fajitas and chocolate brownies have been moved to tomorrow night.  I didn’t start to feel better though until I got around to putting some makeup and decent clothes on.  I managed to scrounge together a decent outfit, and opted for a hat to cover my gross flat hair.  It’s amazing how much better some lipstick and a little cleavage can make me feel.  I am decidedly a huge fan of feeling pretty.

As always the real solace comes when I am finally with my love once again.  We don’t have tv here, so I can’t endlessly obsess over disaster footage on CNN.  I’m a worrier, so it’s probably better this way.  Tonight my prayers are with those in Japan who lost so much today.  But there have been so many disasters recently.  There are so many people in need.  We should remember all of them and do what we can to change things.  I am so grateful to be safe and loved.  I only hope that I can make someone else feel safe and loved from time to time.


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