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What’s Making Me Happy Today

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Wednesdays are meeting day, and it seems like every Wednesday this semester, my colleagues and I have had to fend off attacks from the Chinese teachers.  Today’s attack seemed to be especially targeted at me.  It was a very tough and emotional day at work.  So in an attempt to redirect my feelings, I’ve decided to steal a note from NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour, and focus on what’s making me happy lately.

First, I am happy that one of my co-workers was gracious enough to give me a kind word of support after our meeting today.  It was so desperately needed right at that moment. He is an intuitive and thoughtful teacher, and his students are absolutely right to love him.

Secondly, nothing makes me quite as happy as baking.  I am currently working my way through a batch of peanut butter cookies.  I can only bake them six at a time, so it takes a while to actually make them all.  The bonus of this is that my apartment will smell like fresh-baked cookies for hours.  I’m still working out the best baking time, but I think they’ll taste good nonetheless.

Looking forward to a simple dinner of spaghetti bolognese is also making me extremely happy.  This is total comfort food.  Nothing gourmet about browning some simply seasoned ground beef, adding some store-bought pasta sauce, and throwing it all over spaghetti and topping the whole thing with parmesan cheese.  I love good food.  I prefer it to be unassuming and delicious.  Store-bought is fine with me.  I am also a bit lazy, which is another reason this is making me happy.  I will also be super happy tomorrow at lunch when I have leftover spaghetti on garlic toast.

The last thing that’s making me happy today will happen at precisely 9:10 pm.  The lock on the door will click, my love will walk in, put his arms around me, and tell me he loves me.  And that makes me outrageously happy.


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