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I’m having a very hard time thinking of something to write about today.  I woke up feeling sick again, so we mostly stayed in today, except to go to Chili’s and pig out on honey chipotle chicken crispers.  I watched a couple movies and read a bit.  That’s about all. Most of my day has been devoted to coughing.  Geoff’s team is kickin’ ass on Winning 11.  He stayed in all day to take care of me, even though I told him a thousand times we could do anything he wanted.  He really is much too sweet.

It’s impossible to have an epiphany every day.  Or maybe I’m just not wise enough.  Sure, I learn something new and see something different each day, but most of those things aren’t really worth noting.  I spent some time during our drive to the restaurant trying to wrap my head around the idea of cognitive dissonance, which is ironic in and of itself.  Trying to accept the idea that people here just grew up with a completely different set of rules and expectations than I did is much more difficult to achieve than one might think.  I always thought of myself as an empathetic person, but I never really understood what it meant to be an immigrant until I became one myself.  It’s something I think a lot of Americans should try before they go spouting off hateful things about Mexicans stealing their jobs and other such nonsense.  Being an outsider is difficult.  There are so many things about this culture that I will never be able to internalize.  I’m sure the same is true for so many immigrants who have left their homes to seek opportunities in other countries and cultures.  Even the differences between America and England are surprisingly vast.  Though these differences are much easier to overcome in my circumstances.  Being madly in love with someone from another culture tends to make you more understanding.

I shall attempt to be more interesting tomorrow.  I hear hot springs are on the menu.  Something I’ve never experienced.  Perhaps I’ll have a brilliant theory on the importance of hot water and self-purification.  Probably not.


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