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I’m taking it easy today because I woke up for my first day of Winter break with a cold.  What could possibly be more annoying?  I can’t even enjoy the first day off I’ve had in ages.  I went to the grocery store and nearly passed out in line at the check out, so that was fun.  Luckily, I was able to keep it together long enough to pay for my groceries and go sit down near the escalator without too much embarrassment.  I had promised Geoff dinner and dessert tonight, and seeing as how I didn’t have to work, I felt obligated to deliver.  (Even though he really wouldn’t have cared at all.)

While I was making lemon cake this evening, I watched Blue Valentine.  It was a good film and the performances by Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling were really quite remarkable.  It was difficult to watch at some points.  Having been through a divorce, this film brought to the surface some painful memories, which is probably exactly what the director was hoping for.  But it’s hard to stay upset when the scent of lemon and vanilla are right under your nose.  And I chased that film with How to Train Your Dragon, so no lasting damage.

To my utter amazement, chicken and potatoes turned out to be really tasty, and the cake, while not quite cooked evenly, was amazing.  My head feels like it’s full of bricks.  I’m going to bed.  Keep each other safe.  Keep faith.  Good night.


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