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Uninformed Golden Globe Predictions Part 2

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Another boring day.  I’ll finish up my blabbing about television.

Best Television Drama–  It’s so difficult to choose between Mad Men and Dexter.  The Good Wife is fine, but not in the same league as the other two I’ve seen.  I love them both and they both deliver amazing writing and performances.  It’s like choosing between my children.

Best TV Drama Actress–  Finally a category where I’ve seen everyone.  I thought Covert Affairs was ridiculous.  My vote goes to Elisabeth Moss for Mad Men with Katey Sagal at an extremely close second.  Both performances were amazing and couldn’t possibly be more different.  Fantastic women.

Best TV Actor Drama–  I’ve seen everyone but Steve Buscemi here.  He is usually wonderful and I’m sure this show is not different.  I just started watching Breaking Bad yesterday and its great.  Kudos to Bryan Cranston for being shot naked on the bathroom floor.  Again, I’m torn between Michael C. Hall as Dexter and Jon Hamm as Don Draper of Mad Men.  Both are extremely complex characters and the performances are flawless.

Best TV Comedy–  Between Glee and 30 Rock the choice is easy.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show funnier than 30 Rock.  What a fantastic ensemble.  Every episode cracks me up.  I laugh in the most embarrassing way when I watch this show.

Best TV Actress Comedy–  I’ve seen all but Nurse Jackie.  I vote Tina Fey all the way!!!

Best TV Actor Comedy–  No surprise I’m in the Alec Baldwin camp.  I’ve only seen a few random episodes of The Office.  They’ve been fantastic, but for some reason, the list has not yet allowed me to watch all of this show.

Best Supporting Actress TV–  I thought Julia Stiles was just the tiniest bit awkward in Dexter.  Something about the way she moved seemed strange to me.  The only thing I really love about Glee is Jane Lynch.  I fully support her winning this category.  This is not an endorsement of Glee per se.

Best Supporting Actor TV–  I have very little opinion about what I know of this category. Chris Noth in The Good Wife plays a slightly filthy politician.  He makes me feel like I might want to spit on him or I might want to take him to dinner.  An interesting and well-played character.

I love my list.  I can’t wait to go back through and try to catch the things I wasn’t able to see on the first run through.  I’m especially looking forward to Black Swan and Blue Valentine.  I’ve heard both of them are amazing.  I love stories.  It’s the way humans have communicated for as long as history has recorded.  They reflect what is most important to a culture.  Today’s filmmakers give us a fascinating perspective on our own lives.  Okay, enough of this nonsense.  Time to read more Dickens.


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