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Uninformed Golden Globes Predictions

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I think I mentioned yesterday that I have a list addiction problem.  I make these lists so that I don’t have to make decisions.  I hate that.  One of my lists is for movies.  Oscar and Golden Globe winners eventually going back to 1928.  When this year’s Golden Globe nominations came out, I was itching to update my list.  It’s sometimes pretty difficult for me to see these movies and tv shows here in Taiwan, especially since a lot of them hadn’t even been released in the US yet.  I shall not reveal my methods for seeing these films.  I’m sure you can guess.  But since the Golden Globe awards are being given out tomorrow (Oh how I wish I could see Ricky Gervais hosting the GG’s), and I’ve done absolutely nothing interesting today, I’m going to share my picks.  I’ll only comment on things I’ve actually seen.

Best Drama–  I’ve only seen Inception and The Social Network.  I’m going with The Social Network.  The dialogue was quick and witty, and the film drew me in and made me feel without a bunch of tricks.  Inception was great.  Intriguing and entertaining.  But The Social Network was a stronger film in my opinion.

Best Actress Drama– I’ve seen Rabbit Hole and Winter’s Bone here.  Jennifer Lawrence kicked Nicole Kidman’s ass in my opinion.  Hands down.

Best Actor Drama–  Jesse Eisenberg gets my vote by default here as I haven’t seen the competition.  Regardless, he was fantastic.  I loved and hated him.  This equals great performance.

Best Comedy/Musical–  Here I saw Alice in Wonderland and Red.  Red was fantastic.  I had a great time watching this film. Bruce Willis and John Malkovich were fantastic and I loved seeing Helen Mirren shooting a huge gun.  Extremely entertaining!  Epitome of art?  Who cares.

Best Actress Comedy–  Again, Emma Stone by default.  But I have to say that after watching the trailer, I thought Easy A would be stupid. Turns out I really enjoyed it.  I don’t think I’m in that film’s target demographic, but I feel like it was time well-spent.

Best Actor Comedy–  I saw Alice in Wonderland and Casino Jack.  I’m a sucker for Johnny Depp, especially as a crazy guy.  He was the highlight of that film for me.

Best Supporting Actor–  Choosing between The Social Network and The Town.  This is an easy one.  Jeremy Renner in The Town was great.  Everything about that film was intense, including his performance.

Best Animated Film– I only saw Toy Story 3.  I’ve never seen Pixar make a bad movie.  This was no exception.

Best Director/Screenplay–  See best drama 🙂

Best Score–  I don’t particularly remember the scores standing out in any of the films I saw.  I’ll have to give the winner another listen.

I think that’s quite enough to be getting on with for today.  I’ll talk about TV tomorrow.  I can’t wait to see the results.  I’m such a nerd.


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