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I’m trying a new recipe tonight.  I have a bad habit of making snacks and calling it dinner.  So on tonight’s menu, sweet chicken bacon wraps.  This is a Paula Deen recipe, so I find it hard to believe it won’t be delicious.  Perhaps I’ll heat up some tomato soup to make it seem more like an actual dinner, since I’m not just cooking for myself.

One of my least favorite things about cooking is cutting up raw meat.  I’m no farmer’s wife.  I am detached from my food.  Getting raw chicken all over my fingers grosses me out.  Bacon doesn’t make me quite as squeamish, probably because it smells so good even before it’s cooked.

This is a pretty easy thing to cook in Taiwan.  All the ingredients are readily available.  The only problem I foresee is tiny oven syndrome.  Batches?  Fingers croseed.  I start cooking in an hour…

Phase one complete.  The actual wrapping of the chicken in the bacon got pretty disgusting.  There was a fair bit of bacon fat under my fingernails when it was all done.  Putting the toothpicks in like safety pins rather than sticking them all the way through seemed to work better.  We’ll see if they hold together in the oven.  Now to cover these bad boys in some sugar and spice.

Sugar-coated, bacon-wrapped chicken is in the oven.  What could be better?  It’s starting to smell fantastic…

Consensus of two:  Delicious.  You taste the sweet smokiness of the bacon and brown sugar first, and then the heat hits your mouth.  It’s hard to stop eating them.  I would definitely make these for a party.  They’re a bit time-consuming.  I suggest enlisting help on the bacon wrapping process.  Oh, also, no soup necessary.  We had an entirely carnivorous dinner.  Yum!

Here’s the recipe:


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