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SAMCRO has gone to Belfast.  There were shots of the guys riding Harleys through the Irish countryside.  The sun danced through the leaves and everything was perfectly green and soft.  This got me thinking about all those places I haven’t seen yet.  America is so big and so isolated, it often seems impossible to get off of it.  But I’ve read too many books and seen too many movies to avoid an overwhelming romantic notion about the rest of the world.  Storytellers create a magical image of these far-off places in a young girl’s mind.  And I have to admit, these notions have stayed with me.  So here are a few places I’d like to see before I die.

England– I’ve read too much British literature to not want to visit this country.  The vast overwhelming expanse of London, the charming pastoral countryside, the tragic moors.  And of course now there’s Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, and Platform 9 3/4.  When Emily was born, I thought I’d never realize my dream of crossing the Atlantic, but I am so excited to be visiting there in April.  It will be nearly impossible to keep my giddiness hidden.

Spain– Hemingway demands I visit Spain.  Sipping absynth in a steamy cafe late at night.  The sun.  The Spanish guitar.  The architecture.  Irresistable.

India–  Literature and the Beatles make it seem as if you can’t leave India without having a mystical experience.  Gandhi is a personal hero of mine.  India calls to me.  I can’t imagine a place with more contrast.  The Taj Mahal practically next door to the urban slums.  Overloaded with life and color.  I need it.  It will be way too hot, and I don’t like Indian food, but this is a place I must see.

New Zealand–  When I was studying and performing Polynesian dance, Maori was always my favorite.  I adore the film Whale Rider.  The harmony and joy of Maori songs, the fierceness of the Haka.  Lord of the Rings could not have been a better marketing tool for New Zealand tourism. Every inch of those islands seems beautiful.

Paris– I hardly need to say that Paris is portrayed as the most romantic place on earth.  I loved The Phantom of the Opera when I was young.  I still hope to see the Paris opera house.  Even though I think a lot of French culture was ostentatious bordering on ridiculous, I still have a yearning to see where all this debauchery went down.

This is the short list.  I haven’t even gotten to South Africa, Morocco, Mexico, Thailand, Italy…  Perhaps I will only visit most of these places in books, but soon one of my dreams will come true.  I get to spend two weeks in England with my love.  My time in Taiwan has taught me that nothing is impossible.  I hope I get to check a few things off my list.


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  1. I hope to share some of your visit to this side of the Atlantic with you. I am getting genuinely excited about you guys coming over.


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