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Chocolate Pudding

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Tonight I made chocolate pudding from scratch.  Not Jello instant pudding.  Not even cook and serve.  Completely from scratch.  I haven’t tasted it yet, but I’m hoping it will be delightful.  I tasted some hot in the bowl, and it was amazing.

When cooking in Taiwan, you constantly have to improvise.  The only thing I couldn’t find for this recipe was half and half which is easily replaced with whole milk and cream.  Making proper pudding involves cooking the milk and some dry ingredients in a double-boiler and stirring for close to 30 minutes.  As if by magic, the concoction slowly turns from loose liquid to a muddy goo.  It’s amazing what a little heat and plenty of time can do.  The best part of any recipe has to be adding in six ounces of chopped chocolate, butter, and vanilla.  The best smell imaginable.  The chocolate begins to melt immediately and the mixture quickly becomes streaked dark brown.  After another two minutes of stirring, I realized I had really done it.  I’d made pudding.

I realized how weak my arms were when I tried to pour the pudding into the individual cups to be chilled.  Five servings of pudding all in one hot bowl seems to weigh a ton.  It’s late and I’m tired now, so I don’t think the chocolate whipped cream will get made.  So my puddings will be naked…

As I was writing, Geoff and Gillian decided to dig in early to the pudding.  They claim it is scrumptious.  I’m feeling quite accomplished making something probably only grandmothers would make.  Life in Taiwan can get quite complicated.  If you want certain things, you often have to work twice as hard to get them.  I’ve learned to be resourceful and creative.  And now, I’ve learned to make old-fashioned, real chocolate pudding.

P.S.  Here’s the recipe I made, only mine were in plastic cups, not martini glasses.  No space for fancy stemvwear in this apartment.


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